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I have a passion for unexplored and challenging narratives that really touch the soul.

In my own work I have always tried to use the medium to look behind the obvious and the cliched to use all the elements of film-making to reveal what I could of the richness and complexity of lived lives.

In my teaching and consultancy I find that when the writer first presents their story it has hidden layers, and that through listening and discussion a more authentic and dynamic script can emerge. Through this process their writing has become more focused, more defined and the writer more aware of what it takes to make their idea relevant and dynamic.

Working this way helps writers discover more of a sense of their own individual voice, and go on to write more distinctive and coherent scripts. Many of my students and proteges have gone on to produce award winning feature films and documentaries nationally and internationally. Many have gone on to form their own companies and are producing, writing and directing independent films and television drama. Others now hold senior posts in education and the media industry here and abroad.

My experience of working with very many writers and discovering the link between personal self-awareness and rich story telling has led me to extending my practice to include personal development work. I am now a trained counsellor and, separately to my script work, offer sessions to groups and individuals who wish to explore a more personal use of writing. These sessions are not restricted to script development but more a means to unblock creative potential and re-evaluate old tales.

I am experienced in online learning and am happy to hear from individuals nationally and internationally who are looking for incisive and compassionate feedback on their work.

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